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Barbara Hamilton is a progressive leader in education with over 30 years of experience designing and implementing solutions-based practices. Her goal is always to increase the academic and social achievement of students, while simultaneously advancing the knowledge base and capacity of the faculty and staff. The vision and culture of the school district guides her decision-making. Ms. Hamilton tirelessly advocates for the students, families and schools to ensure the appropriate services are delivered and the best interest of the student is met. Her creative thinking and problem-solving has benefitted the entire school community.

Barbara Hamilton holds a BA in Theology, a Master of Education, and a Master of Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago. She holds several professional licenses and educational certifications and is a licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Barbara Hamilton’s dynamic employment history includes serving as a Lead Pastor at Global Ministries Christian Church, experience as a clinical program supervisor, family life educator for at-risk youth, elementary school teacher, state consultant for Boston Juvenile Court (Project Diversion), New England regional cirector for a private social services agency, school adjustment counselor, and former adjunct college professor.

She currently serves as the K-12 METCO Academic Director for Lexington, Massachusetts public school system. She also serves on the board of eirectors for Boston Black News and Eliot Community Human Services.

Ms. Hamilton is frequently invited to share her knowledge at women’s conferences, Christian leadership workshops, educational professional development conferences. Her areas of expertise are cultural competence, educating children of color, family engagement, and family issues.

She is a member and the Executive Pastor of Global Ministries Christian Church. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, experiencing other cultures and being an engaged citizen of the world.

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