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Monique has a wealth of experience working with children and families, particularly in academic and social enrichment programs. Her focus on diverse backgrounds and socio-economic settings suggests a commitment to inclusive and equitable educational practices. Her leadership positions in Boston-based community organizations and METCO highlight her dedication to community engagement and education. Monique's extensive experience in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work, including focus groups, program assessments, and strategic planning, indicates a commitment to fostering inclusive environments. Serving on community boards such as Silver Lining Mentors, BalletRox, and Trinity Boston Foundation suggests her ongoing involvement in community-driven initiatives. Monique Marshall Veale has made substantial contributions to youth- and family-centered programming, emphasizing academic enrichment, social-emotional development, recreation, after-school care, and education. Her multifaceted involvement in various organizations and boards demonstrates a holistic approach to community service and advocacy.

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