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Akil Mondesir became the Director of the Bedford Public Schools METCO Program in 2016. As a proud graduate of Bedford High School, Akil brings over 25 years of experience and commitment to the education and social emotional wellbeing of students from kindergarten to grade 12. As a past Program Director for the Brandon School & Residential Treatment Center in Natick, MA, Akil worked with “at-risk adolescents” to help provide stability while they dealt with their traumas. Throughout his years working in residential and public school settings, Akil realized that his passion is to give back, specifically to students and faculty. He returned to school and received his Master’s in Education, concentrating in Administration and Leadership. Working with students to help them navigate their ways through academic and social challenges inspires Akil to believe that we are teaching students to become socially aware citizens with a global outlook. His passion is to see all students working together, understanding differences, and uniting to help each other while building individual competencies and confidence.

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